Artificial Intelligence Courses Started in School

Release Time:2019-09-06

On September 5,2019,students at Maqiao Qiangshu School in Minhang District, Shanghai, enjoyed building blocks, coding and designing robots in their artificial intelligence lab.


This is the first laboratory in Shanghai to popularize artificial intelligence education. Students will learn Scratch, Python, tensor flow and OPENCV to cultivate their computational thinking and enhance artificial intelligence literacy.



WhalesBot is a high-tech corporation focusing on AI Robot. As the advocate and leader of AI Robot+ EDU, our dream is to provide AI Robot+ EDU products to 1.5 billion teenagers around the world. The WhalesBot Artificial Intelligence Lab has advanced education concepts.

AI Module series focus on cultivating children's creative ability, manipulative ability and logical thinking ability. It aims to improve children's artificial intelligence literacy.


In cooperation with East China Normal University (ECNU), WhalesBot has compiled three typical series of textbook and established the National Joint Training Base for Artificial Intelligence Teachers in ECNU.

Ocean Level Education Platform has provided more than 1800 lessons to schools and training institutions.