It is cool to conquer yourself

ViKa / Software Engineer

With a high IQ of 143, I have always been a grade-A student from elementary school to top university, so I am quietly arrogant and haughty in my deep heart and always want to do something challenging. WhalesBot advocates independent R&D and technical autonomy, which means there are many hard nuts to crack in technology. However, those tough tasks inspire me a lot. The first step of my goal is to catch up with Dr. Wei, the second step is to surpass him. He always hits me not to put too high expectations. "Erudite scholars come in good spirits to talk with me, and among my guests there are no uneducated common people”. There are a lot of technical masters, with whom I work and I can benefit a lot both in work and life. It brings me ineffable sense of proud and achievement when the programming software developed by me is widely used in computers, Pads and mobile phones. I will be a father next year, which brings me a sense of sacredness and mission. I believe I will continue my career here always. I hope my designed robots will benefit more and more children.


Nothing is impossible
Xiao Xie / Industrial Designer

I have always been curious about robots and future world since my childhood. I can already recite the Three Laws of Robotics when my classmates were absorbed in Jin Yong's and Gu Long's novels. Even so, I never thought I could have intersections with robots until I met WhalesBot. I didn’t expect my impalpable and unintentional dream could come true one day. I love, I delve. As an veteran in industrial design, I have won several awards, big and small. However, I suddenly felt my creation enthusiasm was gradually losing, which made me panic. Fortunately, I met WhalesBot, and I revived. Dr. Wei is a Virgo perfectionist, and you can imagine how it feels when you work under the leadership of such an aesthetic master. No discord, no concord. His harshness stimulated my inexhaustible creativity and we have become friends who can talk about everything. His comments on my work have changed from “you should learn from someone” to “I will reward you”. In Whales Bot, Nothing is impossible ~


I firmly believe what we are doing will influence the youth in the world

Dr. Ye/Chief Content Officer

I am an interest-oriented, target-oriented and hard-working person. I am always following my interest, whether studying abroad or returning home to explore the development prospects of kids coding education. In WhalesBot, I make the best use of my rich interdisciplinary engineering background knowledge, proficient English, senior coding curriculum development experience, and front-line practical teaching experience. In WhalesBot, I can develop educational coding robots for teenagers with professional robotics R&D team at the age of artificial intelligence. Under the leadership of experienced and senior founding team of educational coding robots, we are striding toward the future education led by robots team. Working with WhalesBot, we will accelerate the popularization of kids coding education in China. If you, like me, want to provide the most creative kids coding education for the next generation of teenagers in China and even around the world, then join us!