On the ground that AI means the future and education is the base of the society, AI Robot+Edu is bound to be the foundation for success in the future. WhalesBot is like a pure land where innovation, hard work and dreams are respected. We advocate a simple culture in our corporation, where we can pursue innovation and excellent products without any distraction. We are so proud that the principle of “truth-seeking and result-oriented” has permeated into every detail of our work. WhalesBot firmly believes that opportunities are only offered to those who are willing to strive persistently for their dreams.

If you are a enthusiastic fan of robots, passionate about education, and want to do something down-to-earth for your dream,
please join us.

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AI will change the future, and education determines the future.
AI+ education is bound to take on the mission of leading the future.
After years of hard work, we have promoted educational robots into thousands of families,
making the first outbreak of AI in the world. Join WhalesBot to innovate and grow together.

“Here, create the coolest robots with the leader in the industry”

The best gift for children is to make an excellent child become even more excellent, and to make a normal child to be excellent.
We can give them brighter lives by changing their growth trajectories.
AI+ education is just the accelerator for children's growth.
Join WhalesBot to start a more meaningful journey in your life.

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Equality, trust, fairness, and progression.
Everyone’s profession shall be respected here. What we pursue is the ultimate innovation.
As a newly-established company with fast growth, there are a lot of opportunities for you to realize your dreams.
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